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Online Community Group via ZOOM

January 20 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Community Group Gathering via ZOOM

We are holding our Community Group gatherings online via ZOOM.

So grab dinner, a drink or a snack, and join us live for fellowship & discussion of our current Sunday sermon or designated topic.

For more info text or call Judy at 562.544.8365 (mobile)

Click here to join the Zoom Meeting. 

Click or Sermon links: Acts 16:11-15 & Acts 16:16-24

Tonight’s Discussion Questions on Acts 16:11-24
  1. What did you learn about Philippi, the first city Paul and Silas evangelized in Europe?


  1. Lydia’s conversion occurred in “a place of prayer” where she had gathered with other women to worship Yahweh on the outskirts of Philippi.  We recognize that a person can have a saving encounter with Jesus anywhere and at anytime, and yet, we also believe that there are some places where a conversion experience is more likely to happen over other places simply because of the presence or absence of “the means of grace.”  How would you apply this principle if you were giving counsel to a person who was concerned about his/her relationship to God?


  1. Explain Luke’s reference when he described the evil spirit that was exorcised from the slave girl as “a Python spirit”?


  1. At first sight, the slave girl’s wild and annoying proclamation concerning Paul and Silas appears truthful, but upon closer examination her declarations could be construed as ambiguous and misleading to a pagan audience.  Why?


  1. Do you agree that few Christians seem willing to acknowledge anything as demonic?  Isn’t it important for us to recognize the reality of demons and their influence over the lost world?  Revisit Eph.2:2 and compare with Phil.2:13, noting the fact that Paul employs the same term for “work” in both cases.  The contrast between the spiritual condition of unsaved and saved persons could not be more opposite based on who is at work in each case and whose will is being followed.  What are your thoughts?  Are you ready for spiritual warfare should God bring you into contact with the demonic?



January 20
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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