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Online Community Group via ZOOM

October 21 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Community Group Gathering via ZOOM

Due to the need for social distancing and to help keep everyone healthy, we will be holding our Community Group gatherings online via ZOOM.

So grab dinner, a drink or a snack, and join us live for fellowship & discussion of our current Sunday sermon or designated topic.

If you would like to join us, contact Judy Furlong for the Zoom meeting link. 

Judy 562.544.8365 (mobile)

Tonight’s Discussion Topic: Acts 13:13-31

Tonight’s Discussion Questions:
  1. Paul’s first recorded sermon takes place in a synagogue located in Antioch of Pisidia.
    • What is the significance of this specimen of Paul’s preaching?
    • Who does he address?
    • How does he establish common ground with his hearers?
    • What is the ultimate goal of this sermon?
  1. Can you trace the missionary team’s journey so far after departing the church at Antioch, Syria?
    • Search for additional information about this other Antioch where the missionaries are.
    • How did they get from Perga to Antioch?
    • What sort of terrain did they have to cross during this 125 mile journey?
    • What province of the Roman Empire are they in?
  1. What is Paul’s point in reviewing Israel’s biblical history?
  2. Israel’s special history climaxes with the coming of Jesus Christ.
    • Carefully think through this section of Paul’s sermon (23-31) and note what Paul chooses to highlight as he surveys the story of Jesus.
    • Do we know the gospel account well enough to be able to retell the Jesus story in a similar way?
    • How important is this knowledge to effective evangelism?
    • What can we assume that people already know about Jesus Christ?
    • What must they know to be saved?
  1. What are the four pieces of evidence Paul presents in verse 31 to convince his hearers that Jesus was raised from the dead?
    • How would you frame these arguments for today?


October 21
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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