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Community Group – Bonderov Home, Whittier

April 18, 2018 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Join us for dinner, fellowship & discussion of our current sermon series or designated topic. All are welcome.

Main Dish & Beverage will be provided.

Please Bring an appetizer or dessert to share.

Tonight’s Location: The Bonderov Home, Whittier

For Directions Contact: 562 544 8365

Tonight’s Discussion Topic: 

Discussion questions relate to the last two sermons on John 13:21-38.
1. How do we know that the apostle John is “the disciple Jesus loved”?  Can you make a case by process of elimination that this disciple is most likely John, the son of Zebedee?
2. Describe the ancient custom of reclining at a feast and the possible seating arrangement with respect to Jesus, the disciple Jesus loved (John), Judas, and Peter.
3. In what ways did Jesus express kindness to Judas leading up to his betrayal?
4. How can we use the story of Jesus’ betrayal by one of his own followers to argue the authenticity of the gospel narrative?  What do biblical scholars mean by “criterion of embarrassment”?
5. What makes Jesus’ command to love each other “new”?  How does his command differ from Lev.19:18?
6. Reflect on the reason for Jesus’ new command: He wants the world to know that we are his disciples by the love we have for each other.  Surely, this must challenge us and give us pause to do some serious self-inventory.  Is it conceivable that we can love each other as Jesus loved us?  What does that look like practically?  How does the world generally perceive Christians today?  Are we impressing the watching world by our love?
7. Although Judas and Peter committed similar sins against Jesus Christ, how do they differ according to the narrative in John 13?  Think beyond the difference between a betrayal and a denial.


April 18, 2018
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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