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Community Group – Ramirez Home, Seal Beach

August 22, 2018 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Join us for dinner, fellowship & discussion of our current sermon series or designated topic. All are welcome.

Main Dish & Beverage will be provided.

Please Bring an appetizer or dessert to share.

Tonight’s Location: The Ramirez Home, Seal Beach (near Seal Beach Bl & Lampson)

For Directions Contact: Gen (562) 900-7543

Tonight’s Discussion Topic: John 19:9-11 & 19:12-16a

1.  What was Pilate really wanting to know when he asked Jesus, “Where are you from”?  Explain Jesus’ silence when asked that question.
2. Pilate claimed to have authority over Jesus’ fate but stood corrected by Christ.  Reflect on Jesus’ response (v.11) and his own claim of authority over his own life (10:18).  Whose authority prevails?  Cite some other examples of biblical rulers whose purposes were overruled and defeated by Yahweh.
3. Whose sin was greater, Pilate or Caiaphas?  Why?  Are some sins worst than others?  How do we know that all sin is not equally heinous in God’s eyes?  Is it possible that some sins we deem petty are worse than others at the top of our list?
4. What did it mean to have the title, “Friend of Caesar”?  Recall the historic background concerning Sejanus that may have been a factor in forcing Pilate to execute Jesus.
5. John tells his readers that Pilate sentenced Jesus to death on “the day of preparation of the Passover” and “about the sixth hour.”  What was our conclusion concerning the approximate time and day of the week?   Theologically, why is the day/time of Jesus’ crucifixion significant?
6. Jesus was “delivered up” by Judas to the chief priests (18:2), who “delivered up” Jesus to Pilate (18:30), who “delivered up” Jesus to death (19:16).  Jesus Christ would never have been “delivered up” to wicked man had not God the Father “delivered up” his Son (Rom.4:25; 8:32).   Here is the greatest demonstration of God’s great love (3:16).  Has reformed theology hindered us in our proclamation of God’s love to the lost?


August 22, 2018
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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